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Earnings Season: What to Know After That NVIDIA Earnings Call

NVIDIA’s recent earnings call delivers strong signals for investors, highlighting the company’s position as a major player in the rapidly advancing fields of accelerated computing and AI.  Here’s a breakdown of the key information you need to know: Impressive Growth and Strong Indicators The numbers

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Fed Watch: No Real Fear Out There

Despite a few hot inflation prints earlier this month, the investors who really care about interest rates aren’t worried enough to vote with their wallets. There’s zero real money in the futures market riding on any more tightening moves from the Fed. Zero . .

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Earnings Watch: Growth Is Back

When people ask me why I’m a long-term market bull, the answer is usually simple. I know enough about the resilience and creativity of the people running American corporations to bet against them for long. They’ve always found a way so far. And they’re evidently

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Big Idea: Ethereum Versus Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, aimed to revolutionize the concept of digital money. It introduced a decentralized system for storing and transferring value without traditional intermediaries like banks.  Bitcoin’s functionality, while groundbreaking, has its limitations. Enter Ethereum, a revolutionary next-generation blockchain platform that takes the potential

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