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Trading Desk: How Long Can You “Stay The Course?”

The difference between optimists and pessimists on Wall Street (if there are any real pessimists) boils down to your time horizon. Optimists know that the future will ultimately be better than the past. Pessimists need convincing that they’ll live to see that happen. Convincing the

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IPO Corner: The Future Is Gaming

Remember back in the day when gaming was just becoming a cultural phenomenon and we humans were both excited and afraid? Theories flew freely about the possible effects… every concern was on the table, from gaming fostering aggression to it causing social isolation. Well, as

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Crypto Corner: Insider Trading Is Real

Have recent studies unearthed bad behavior in the crypto space? Yeah… it’s looking that way. Apparently, according to studies, there’s an insider trading problem in crypto, and it’s systemic. It seems that, as the crypto space has grown up, it has grown on and around

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Trading Desk: The Russell Will Save Us

Major indices have now cracked their June lows, wiping out all the hard-won recovery they made across the summer. With macro news flow weakening in the interim, it’s not hard to understand why. But one area of the market is actually holding up. Let’s focus

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Trading Desk: The Recession That Felt Like A Boom

All the bickering over the formal definition of a “recession” misses one crucial detail. GDP numbers are published in real terms, which means they already factor out the impact of inflation. And as hot as inflation is, what looks like a boom on paper turns

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