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Trading Desk: The Fed’s Outlook Actually Got . . . Better?

Some people are talking about the latest Fed meeting like it moved the goalposts back toward bearish territory. I am not convinced. Very little changed in the quarterly “summary of economic projections” released with this week’s statement, and most of the data points that shifted

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IPO Corner: The Delivery Economy

Instacart (CART) just had an IPO… shares opened at $30, kicked up to $42, then deflated back to just over $30 by week’s end. Where does it go from here? And do I want to own it here? Gazing over the headlines about the listing,

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GreenTech: Burn Food For Fuel

Humans are wasteful (sorry, we know that’s hard to hear). Today, we’ll focus on our food waste. That’s because it constitutes about 10% of the excess bad stuff in the atmosphere that’s making us all so miserable, like carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). Since

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Trading Desk: The Bear Went Too Far

Many of our positions have been rebounding so robustly that some investors scared by last year’s bear market are having uncomfortable flashbacks. “Is this a bubble,” they ask themselves. “Are these stocks swelling up too fast for their fundamentals to support?” In my opinion, the

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Trading Desk: No Fed Shock Coming

There’s no Fed dread out there. In fact, there’s less than there was a month ago, when bond yields started climbing. Anything you hear otherwise is not anchored in market reality. I know this because the rate futures market now puts a 2% probability on

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