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IPO Corner: Inside The InsureTech Revolution

Often in this segment, we talk a lot about forward-thinking technologies and imaginative ventures on the forefront of industry… and we hope you enjoy it. But, today, we’d like to bring things back down to earth a little bit and talk more about a subject

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GreenTech: Other Energy Alternatives

It’s that time again… when we all gather and pour over the decisions we’ve made the past year, reflect on the months gone, consider what’s ahead, and what we can do to be even better in the future. This applies not only in our personal

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Trading Desk: Did The Fed Just Wink?

One thing we’ve learned this year: if Jay Powell thinks the bulls are out of control, he’ll talk them down immediately. We’ve been spanked again and again. And yet this week, when Wall Street read his comments as slightly inclined to relax on rates if

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Trading Desk: Good Things Still Come In Small Stocks

Riddle me this: if the Fed has no choice but trigger a catastrophic recession, why did relatively small and theoretically vulnerable stocks not only defy the selling today but gain significant ground? Yes, I’m still a fan of the Russell 2000 as the market benchmark

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Trading Desk: The Anatomy Of A Perfect Score

While stocks will eventually recover from this year’s slide, buy-and-hold investors rightly feel that they’ve wasted wasted months of time waiting for any sign of progress much less profit. One way or another, we need to narrow our time horizon and become short-term traders if

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Crypto Corner: Blockchain For The Real World

What comes to mind when you think about the word DeFi? Maybe it conjures images of wild swings and abstract projects that seem almost to exist over our current financial infrastructure as a dream. But, one that is slowly materializing… and slowing spreading its vines

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