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Trading Desk: Netflix Rides A New Subscriber Boom 

Netflix’s strategic focus on ad-supported tiers and password-sharing crackdown fueled impressive Q2 results.  The company’s ad business is rapidly expanding and becoming a significant revenue contributor. While Netflix will cease reporting quarterly membership numbers, it remains confident in its growth trajectory.  The company is actively

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Trading Desk: Cathie Wood Isn’t Backing Down

Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) has experienced a tumultuous year, marked by substantial outflows and underperformance compared to broader market indices. The fund, once a high-flyer, has seen its assets under management dwindle and its share price plummet significantly from its peak in early

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Trading Desk: The Trader’s Edge

Some options traders like to downplay the importance of dependability or “win rate.” They come up with all kinds of numbers like George Soros only hitting 30% of his positions or world-class funds barely doing better than a coin flip. They say it’s all about

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Trading Desk: Goldilocks Already Ate The Porridge

Everything looks great in the corporate economy. Earnings on the S&P 500 are tracking up 9% from last year . . . the fastest leap into record territory since early 2022, when the Fed was still keeping interest rates at zero and the post-COVID high

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Trading Desk: From AI Domination To Broader Boom

The S&P 500 has enjoyed a stellar 17% rise in 2024, yet beneath the surface, a tale of two markets unfolds. While the “Magnificent Seven” tech giants, fueled by AI fervor, bask in the limelight, the remaining 493 stocks have quietly endured an “earnings recession.”

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