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The Most Crucial Week Of Wall Street’s Year Has Come

Sometimes investors like feeling a little frightened. The more scary stories we share, the less opportunity for “irrational exuberance” to spiral out of control. We’ve all trained ourselves to distrust a rally that runs too far from the fundamentals. It’s why we talk so much

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Did Wall Street’s Last Wall Of Worry Just Collapse?

Think back six weeks. The market was breaking records, but investors kept nervously scanning the skies. After all, September is statistically the worst month of the year for Wall Street and October is no prize either. This can be a stormy season. And then there

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The Only Thing That Can Kill This Bull

We’ve talked a lot about earnings lately for a simple reason. When the market starts drifting into a realm of rumor and supposition, concrete numbers provide an anchor of material fact for the noise to swirl around. That’s especially true now, as earnings season gears

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