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IPO Corner: The Robot Takeover

We’re in the middle of another perfect storm… only this time, the stage is set for what some tech enthusiasts have predicted for a long time: the robot takeover. While it’s not quite that dramatic, it also may be. The pandemic has us rethinking offices

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Global Trader: The Bear Goes Global

Here’s a little secret: U.S. stocks are still the envy of the world. Money still flows into Wall Street from all nations. The best companies headquartered all over the planet come here to make sure their shares are listed. It’s not just my own patriotic

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Special Market Update: Capitulation At Last?

This morning opened on a sour note and the selling has now gotten heavier, with the Dow industrials dropping 1,000 points (3.6%) and the NASDAQ once again leading the way down with a 5% slide. All of the biggest stocks are in negative territory, with

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Daily Update: Too Many Jobs, Too Much Cash

Jay Powell used the word “excess” five times in his latest press conference. All of them referred to too much of a good thing, which leads him to believe Main Street can withstand higher interest rates better than persistent inflation. Start with household balance sheets

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