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Earnings Watch: Where The Growth Is

While everyone is still on high alert looking for signs of a recession in the consumer economy, Wall Street now seems to have weathered its own recession and come back around the other side. For the first time since mid-2022, corporate earnings are now trending

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Strategy Session: No Pain, No Gain

Numbers aren’t susceptible to hype or horror. Nobody’s trying to pump them up or scare them. With that in mind, without guessing, would you say the market is overheated, depressed or right on track? Fans of the “overheated” argument love to point out prediction after

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Sector Watch: Decoding The Oil Market

Standing in the latter days of 2023, the oil market presents a labyrinth of complexities and uncertainties, its pulse felt across global economies. And now with West Texas Intermediate (WTI) trading within sight of that critical $70/barrel threshold, deeper knowledge of this intricate market has

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Trading Desk: Want To Talk Markets On Monday?

It feels like hype but we’re about to embark on an electrifying journey into the heart of the market’s ongoing miracle. Monday afternoon, we’ll unveil the secrets behind the dynamic shifts and sometimes harrowing turns the market has taken over the last several years .

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Sector Watch: Where Does The Bear Still Live?

The big market benchmarks are now within sight of recapturing the record levels they left behind last year. At that moment, the 2022 bear will finally be dead and the new bull will be triumphant . . . but as you know, “the stock market”

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Trading Desk: Threatened Or Thankful?

Since it’s the Thanksgiving weekend, I’d like to dwell for a moment on the concept of gratitude. Think about all you have and all the market has given you. Is your primary response one of gratitude or fear that the market that gave you all

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