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GreenTech: When Recycling Means Repair

Is frugality coming back in style? We think it might be, especially in the electronics space. As America continues to wrestle to subdue inflation, we’re seeing more people opt for refurbished and second-hand phones and other electronics. Estimated sales of these types of devices passed

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IPO Corner: Organic Copper For Greener Growth

Don’t you just love trends? They can tell us so much about the world by painting a small picture of larger events. Case in point… one day in 2020, three men decided to illegally access a shaft of the Central Mine complex in the Upper

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Trading Desk: Powell Versus The Bears

This has been a great month for growth investors as Wall Street takes a fresh look at its walls of worry and decides that stocks like ours are the best way back to a bullish future. This week revealed that the Fed will do its

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Trading Desk: The Simplest Recession Signal

Wall Street is notorious for predicting more recessions than play out in the real world, so if  you spent most of last year waiting for the government’s economists to call a recession, you’re still in suspense. If anything, while this morning’s shock job creation numbers

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IPO Corner: The Brain-Computer Interface

It was recently announced that researchers have concluded a lengthy study around the safety of what’s called implanted brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). This study, which is much less scary than it sounds (we promise), analyzed safety data spanning a whopping seventeen years… and what they found

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Trading Desk: Mega Tech Will Not Save You

MSFT is the obvious pain point but the status quo earnings environment was already struggling to support SPY above 400 . . . extending the rally needed a constructive catalyst and a yellow light from a $1.7 trillion company is not exactly the right stuff

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