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Trading Desk: Decode The Fed’s Economic Vision

So the Fed has indeed rewritten close to three decades of precedent and set overnight lending rates 0.75 percentage point higher . . . the biggest tightening move since 1994. Wall Street isn’t really cheering, but there isn’t a lot of urge left to keep

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Trading Desk: Remember The End Of The World?

Sentiment on Main Street is at its lowest level since we started keeping track in the mid-1970s. It’s no wonder retail investors who have given up on the economy are selling stock to ride out tough times ahead. For retirees, just one day like this

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IPO Corner: The Chip Stocks Aren’t Falling

Semiconductors are crucial, and in very high demand. These little chips are at the heart of our devices and without them, we’d be dead in the water… as they power just about everything tech in the most important spaces in our lives, from healthcare and

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Crypto Corner: How The USD Coin Stays So “Stable”

Things have been weird in the crypto space recently, fear and uncertainty have reached new highs as volatility rocks the market… we’re seeing adoption levels dipping in the midst of the collapse of a popular coin, according to research by Citi. But, instead of dread

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