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Sector View: Communication Breakdown

The media economy is a big deal on Wall Street, weighing in at 7% of the S&P 500 . . . bigger than consumer staples or energy, nearly as large as the manufacturers that produce actual stuff and worth only a little less than all

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Fed Watch: Powell’s Persistent Pain Point

The last time Jay Powell crushed a promising rally, he revealed a distinct “tell” hinting at exactly how far he’s willing to let the bulls run while the war on inflation drags on. That signal flared again this week. Once again, it’s clear that Powell

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Crypto Corner: Sacrifice

Picture it, if you will, a room full of wealthy, well-connected businessmen and influential personalities… drinks in hand, chatter filling the room. Then, suddenly, a voice calls out the words, “let the sacrifice begin.” Sounds like the start of a pretty good movie, but never

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IPO Corner: The Hemp Revolution

What if we told you there’s a crop that’s place is so solidified in the future that it would be absurd not to pay attention to it? What if we told you that it’s such a sure thing, that it’s being built into the plans

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Economy Watch: The “Inflation Recession” Is Over

The latest numbers suggest that the Fed is getting what it wants after all. The economy is cooling off, taking the edge off inflation . . . and on balance, things actually look pretty good from here. On paper, the world remains blisteringly hot. GDP jumped 6.7%

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Trading Desk: Big Tech Has Become The Problem

Remember when the FANG and its friends were the only stocks anyone on Wall Street wanted to own? That logic pushed just six Big Tech companies into the stratosphere . . . but now gravity is dragging the giants down. Tesla (TSLA) started the cycle

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