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Crypto Corner: Getting Serious About Crypto Safety

Last week, we left off by introducing the CFTC and discussed protections being put into place to shape the safety and accessibility of the cryptocurrency space for the average person… so, let’s jump right back in and get down to the nitty gritty of how

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IPO Corner: Oilfield Service Stocks Stay Lit

Did we jump the gun on our energy transition? Maybe… at least, that’s the assertion made by Saudi Aramco President & CEO Amin H. Nasser at this year’s 2022 Schlumberger Digital Forum held in Luzern, Switzerland. For a little bit of context, Aramco is the

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Trading Desk: Avoid The Market’s Top-Heavy Trap

I just saw a chilling statistic that hammers yet another nail into the coffin of buy-and-hold index fund investing while giving more selective traders a fresh reason to cheer. A real gap has emerged between big and little stocks in terms of valuations. Believe it

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IPO Corner: Mining For Energy Minerals And More

Now more than ever, the world needs minerals… as we transition a planet in turmoil full of eight billion people from dirty to renewable energies, there’s absolutely no way the demand for minerals does not increase. If anything, we’ll need to invent new ways to

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