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IPO Corner: The Drive Through As A Service

We’ve heard about software as a service, infrastructure as a service, storage as a service. Say hello to the unbundled system that runs grocery drive-through operations . . . drive-through as service. When’s the last time someone tried to convince you that, in our culture,

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Trading Desk: How Long Will You Wait For A Recession?

History has taught investors that it’s time to prepare for recession any time the gap or “curve” between 2- and 10-year interest rates turns negative. That happened almost a year ago. No recession has been called. Instead, the threat keeps hovering over the market like

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Trading Desk: NVIDIA And The Coming Boom

This was the week that the Silicon Valley stratosphere anointed a new member. Once again, there is an “N” in the high-tech hierarchy and instead of “Netflix,” the letter now stands for NVIDIA. But since we’re playing with letters, this is a stock that you

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Trading Desk: Memorial Day And American Way

When Wall Street shuts down for an extra day, it’s usually a good moment to unplug from the endless noise and reflect on what really matters. Memorial Day is no exception. As you know, as a Gold Star widow, this is not just an abstract

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Trading Desk: Powell Flinches

Short and sweet: I told you the Fed is always watching the economy to make sure they stay balanced between the war on inflation and causing too much collateral damage. Today Jay Powell confirmed it. The Fed will now move “meeting to meeting” when it

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