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IPO Corner: Natural Gas Is The Future

It has been a wild year so far for energy, and we’re only in the middle of May… buckle up, because things are poised to get wilder and there’s money to be made in the space because of it. Namely, from natural gas, which has

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Crypto Corner: Visa Steps Up On Digital Currency

Mighty Visa (V) has a vision, a crypto vision, and it’ll change the world… and the way we all think about and use money. Over the last few years, Visa has been charging full steam ahead on this vision, forming new partnerships, making acquisitions, and

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Daily Update: When Good Earnings Finally Get Rewarded

This has been a terrible quarter for investors who care about the fundamentals. Great companies are reporting spectacular results . . . and the stocks aren’t even extremely overpriced, but they’re getting punished anyway. How bad is it? Start with the whole concept of “consensus

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