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Global Trader: Why Worry About A China Crash?

A little secret about Wall Street: sometimes the headlines that look biggest don’t really move the market. China is a classic example. From the headlines this week, you’d think Chinese stocks had drifted over a steep cliff . . . and after years of training

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Crypto Corner: Shield Yourself From Scams

So, your interest is piqued… you keep hearing about how lucrative the crypto space can be, and you want in. But you also don’t live under a rock, so you have an idea of how dangerous it can be to take your federally insured, guaranteed

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IPO Corner: Fintech Pushes Forward

Are we to the point in our human story where we all embed our medical devices into our bodies, march boldly into the future, and blend in seamlessly with our world when we need to pay? No… but we are at some point along that

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Trading Desk: NASDAQ Earnings Engine Is Out Of Juice

Everything was riding on Tesla (TSLA) this season in terms of proving that the biggest companies in history still have the power to drive the market as a whole forward at a reasonable speed. Sad to say, Elon Musk’s engine just didn’t have the horsepower

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IPO Corner: Back To The Crypto Miners

Ready for a new term for your investing vocabulary? Great, here’s our phrase of the day: Bitcoin mining difficulty, and it refers to the degree of difficulty involved in discovering new bitcoin blocks through mining. While there are all kinds of fancy formulas and variables,

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