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Big Tech Rings The Bell

A funny thing happened this earnings season. All last year, the Magnificent 7 were a drag, delivering lackluster numbers and pull the rest of the market down quarter after quarter. But now, the group is collectively doing well enough to get the bulls running. There’s

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A Strong Economy Can Handle Real Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve’s recent announcement signals a positive outlook for the American economy, despite ongoing challenges with inflation. Here are the four key takeaways: 1. Progress on Inflation While inflation may still loom above the Fed’s desired 2%, it’s important to remember its descent from

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Nobody Deserves $55.8B (But Especially Elon Musk)

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is a controversial figure often associated with innovation and disruption. However, his astronomical pay package has also attracted significant attention and debate, especially after this week’s decision voiding it.  Let’s look at both sides of the coin

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Trading Desk: Four Stocks That Matter

Look at it one way, and people are right to fixate on “The Magnificent 7.” Some of the biggest stocks on the market are also the only names keeping the S&P 500 aloft. They’re the winners in the current economy, with what it takes to

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Earnings Season: Is Netflix The Future?

Netflix’s Q4 earnings have burst onto the scene, leaving analysts divided: is it still the future, or simply a mature giant among fledgling rivals? The Good Blown-Out Subscriber Numbers Netflix defied skeptics, exceeding even their own optimistic predictions by adding a whopping 13 million subscribers,

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