My Special Christmas Message to You

The unprecedented and tumultuous year of 2020 did not stop us from bringing immense returns to our subscribers’ portfolios and the security and freedom that making money gives our lives.

I hope you saw the same bright spot in an otherwise difficult year for everyone. Indeed, 2020 has been a painful year that no one will forget anytime soon.

There has been tragedy in many forms: the heart-wrenching pain for so many who have been ill or whose loved ones have suffered or died without the reassuring hugs and kisses that we normally would be able to provide. Plus, there’s the emotional pain of living in a country that has become polarized and is struggling with visceral anger and resentment.

The disappointment of cities overwhelmed with boarded-up buildings, landmarks closed down, statues brought down and places of religious worship vandalized or burned down. Riots, violence and shootings have shown a danger in the streets that we have not experienced since the 1980s.

It also has been a year we saw our children and grandchildren lose the liberties and celebrations that mark the passages of childhood, teenage years, graduations, university life, their first jobs and the happiness of weddings that lets us gather together joyfully. I also think about the heart-tugging reality of our grade-school children losing out on happily and excitedly going off to learn in person with their friends to pursue educations and dreams to become our next generation of leaders, inventors and peacemakers.

You also may have had a tear in your eye, as I have, as you see our precious children forced to wear their masks or struggle to stay attentive while attempting to learn from a teacher who appears on a video screen.

Dedicated teachers have had no choice but to become enforcers of rules that are so unnatural to children. Our kids normally love to huddle together, throw their arms around each other and even tackle during gym time or in their organized sports. The camaraderie of collaborating on school plays and activities is lost. Now, our children can’t do any of that.

I thought it would be the year that I would see my daughter, who just turned 15, have a boyfriend. I remember the excitement of high school, and I pray that today’s youth has the opportunity to enjoy life at its best.

There is so much more than that; I miss my parents, and I miss my much older relatives who would have been part of so many of our get-togethers. I am distraught to think about their loneliness and sad to think that they will not be in our home this holiday teaching my son and me to bake Irish soda bread, red velvet cupcakes and pecan pies. I have been waiting for that special chicken soup recipe that is taught only in the kitchen from mother to daughter.

I am so proud that I have turned the year 2020 into a money-making machine for my subscribers. I thank God that I could do my part and make life better during this year of tragedy.

But there is more to life than just money. We earn money so that we can enjoy, help and improve the lives of our family, friends and community members. I will never stop trying to give to those who need help and to enhance the world of those who need love and support as they face the ups and downs of life.

There are people who lie in bed and shake at night wondering where they are going to find the money for their mortgage payment, car payment, tuition and the basic holiday presents that surround a tree each Christmas day. They worry about retaining their jobs, paying their bills and keeping their family businesses open.

I see struggling people who are in pain across this great country… many who didn’t have the money to buy a turkey and the trimmings to celebrate Thanksgiving with their relatives.

Now they can’t imagine being able to have presents, a Christmas tree and a holiday meal to give their loved ones — all for the purpose of celebrating faith.

Our family has decided to change everything we know about the holidays. We spent December determining the people in our community who need the very basics. We can give presents that can make a difference to a child who is depressed and sad because there is one game that everyone else talks about and their parents or guardians can’t afford to give them. Or we can buy a present for an adult who will feel remembered instead of forgotten.

It is not too late. I urge you to do the same thing to bring happiness, smiles and meals to those less fortunate.

I know that faith and belief in America will help us get us through these tough times.

I wish you a holiday full of happiness and good health and I hope that you reflect on life and how it always keeps changing; it doesn’t stay the same, as so many believe. Christmas 2020 is time to prove to God that you are dedicated to helping your neighbor.

I wish you all the greatest blessings from God. I hope and pray that 2021 brings peace and health to America and to all our families.

As always, I will focus relentlessly on making you money. Let us also pray for a future that is kinder and more understanding than we have had in the recent years.

With warmest wishes,