IPO Corner: Fintech Pushes Forward

Are we to the point in our human story where we all embed our medical devices into our bodies, march boldly into the future, and blend in seamlessly with our world when we need to pay? No… but we are at some point along that journey in that more people are “living” from their mobile devices. So much so that we’re to the point where finance and banking apps are the norm, rather than the exception, where this used to be the other way around.

Why is that important? Because there are some pretty significant trends in the fintech space that have been born of our monumental societal shift over the past few years that are pushing us forward at a momentum we’ve never gone before… and we’ve innovated pretty fast in the past. Now, thanks to technological advancements and the practical flipping upside down of our world, we are closer to that tech-embedded urban jungle future we’ve seen in the movies for decades than ever before.

What can we expect to see, and how will it impact us? Well, speaking of embedded finance, it’s a key emerging tech acting as a driving force for change. In fact, embedded finance is now considered the norm in banking, but what is it, exactly? All it really refers to is when you go to check out, say at an online store, and that store offers finance options in addition to the traditional option to just pay using a credit card or your bank card.

So, it gives you more options, and it gives the merchant more options, which is good for business because they are retaining customers and sometimes even keeping financing for their products in-house, which comes with its own benefits. Either way, it’s here to stay. Additionally, and important to note, is the steady, consistent rise in the popularity of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). And Which demographic loves the model the most? That would be Gen Z, and that’s good information to know.

Also, the popularity of alternative financing options continue to rise. So, merchants looking to further attract and hold onto customers need to know that customers are looking for lots of financing and payment options. The world now is more diverse than ever, and people’s situations are far, far from cookie cutter anymore. People expect to be met where they are, so they are empowered to buy when they need to, how they need to.

Deals To Watch

The market outlook in this space is looking healthy as well, as there won’t be any reduction in the need of people to find more ways to pay using all different kinds of methods… and do so primarily from their devices. We can expect this space to reach $949.49 billion by 2030. Additional trends driving growth here are cloud-based software, big data, and artificial intelligence. As of last year, approximately 44% of payments were performed through mobile apps and globally, 64% of consumers use one or more fintech platforms.

Today, we’ll be looking at two companies in this space: Dave and Nayax. Dave (DAVE) is a Los Angeles-based digital banking app backed by famed investor and Shark Tank personality Mark Cuban. The company, which was founded in 2017 by CEO Jason Wilk, made its debut on the Nasdaq earlier this year, opening trading at $8.27 and closing the day at $8.53. This after the company’s merger with blank-check company VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III, which was sponsored by Chicago-based investment firm Victory Park Capital. The proceeds, according to the company, are allocated to grow the business, as the C-suites at the firm have made statements that continually worrying about raising private capital is a distraction from innovation and growth.

Unfortunately, it’s only a $0.32 stock now, which just shows how an encouraging first day doesn’t necessarily entail a successful career on Wall Street. Moving forward, Dave has its eyes trained on crypto, which the company has been moving toward for some time now, recently raising funds to expand into the space.

Valued at $120 million now, the firm is also looking to possibly shake up money transfers, which they describe as “ripe” for disruption. Specifically, the U.S.-Mexico remittance corridor, which is among the largest in the world. Dave is also eyeing acquisitions and new product developments and hopes to grow into a one-stop shop for users.

Nayax is an Israeli-based global commerce enablement payment platform which offers a complete solution, including localized cash payment acceptance, consumer engagement tools, and a management suite. The platform aims to allow merchants to conduct commerce anywhere, anytime, and scale business to any size. The company, which was established in 2005, began as a cashless payment service and management solution provider for unattended retail.

Since, the company has grown to include global offices allowing the firm to serve more than 65 countries, with over 350,000 points of sale worldwide, and accept 26 currencies while partnering with over 70 global financial institutions. Last month, Nayax completed a listing on the Nasdaq as NYAX, with shares opening at $34.25. The shares are also listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and have held up OK in the overall gloom around most early-stage stocks this year.

The firm believes this dual listing will allow for the continued execution of key growth strategies for global expansion that will reflect their commitment to tech innovation and expanding market leadership. While there is plenty of talk flying around about humans embedding chips in themselves to pay, neural implants, and seamless payment options involving cool futuristic scenarios… the fact is, we’re not there just yet.

First, we’ll need to work on our infrastructure, collaboration, adoption, and messaging. That being said, we’re certainly seeing more options than we’ve ever had before, and we’re here for it. Join us next week, we’ll bring you more exciting news form the IPO space.