4 Tech Giant’s Earnings Preview

July 21, 2022 (New York)

Technology earnings are right around the corner and all eyes, ears, and fingers will be ready to buy or sell shares based on the numbers that come out. They will also be paying careful attention to the guidance that companies provide for the upcoming quarter.

Today, I would like to share my thoughts on Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN), Apple, Inc. (AAPL), and Meta Platforms, Inc. (META).

Tech Stock #1: MSFT

Microsoft is one of my favorites and I think everyone should have a little MSFT in their portfolios. Especially now when year-to-date shares are down just 17%. This is practically a safe haven stock as tech has been hit hard this year. The NASDAQ is down 23% so far this year.

When it comes to shares, they don’t look too cheap and they don’t look to expensive. What everyone is going to be watching for when they report earnings is a update on their cloud growth. If expansion in this area is happening, it will be good for shares. If not, there could be a dip that would present a strong entry point for investors.

I would wait for the news to come out as it seems likely that cloud growth could be slowing.

Tech Stock #2: AMZN

Amazon will report earnings on July 28 and the important metrics to watch are supply chain and cost issues. I’m expecting poor guidance. The new CEO who came over from Amazon’s web services division has a lot on his plate. Being a great techie and developing cloud software services for clients is very different than running Amazon, which is really a retail and transportation operation.

I’m warning everyone to be careful with this one as I think we’re going to see some disappointing news that won’t benefit shares in the short term.

Tech Stock #3: AAPL

Now, let’s jump right into Apple. What is it about Apple that I’m concerned about? Well, I’m concerned that we’re just not going to see that exceptional hardware growth of the past. It’s just unsustainable. When it comes to iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads can this business continue to produce and sell each year? Is this company going to be making $82 billion in sales in a quarter?

When you look at guidance and forward expectations, sales are only going to be up 7.5% then 5.5% in the coming quarters. It’s not double digits anymore.

Given all of this, Apple shares still look expensive so this is not a place I’d be putting new money now or in the near term.

Tech Stock #4: META

Finally, Facebook or Meta Platforms as they are calling themselves now, is focused on this very uncertain new foundation. Everyone should be careful of this stock.

Even CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he never saw this kind of a slowdown coming. The shares look cheap but when it comes to internet advertising the bloom is off the rose.

My recommendation is to just stay away from this one.

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