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Big Tech Rings The Bell

A funny thing happened this earnings season. All last year, the Magnificent 7 were a drag, delivering lackluster numbers and pull the rest of the

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Meet Hilary Kramer

Hilary Kramer is an investment analyst and portfolio manager with 30 years of experience on Wall Street. The Financial Times describes Ms. Kramer as “A one-woman financial investment powerhouse” and The Economist distinguishes her as “one of the best-known investors in America”.

Big Stock Wins

Stock NameDays HeldProfit
Sirius XM Radio344136.6%
Medical Action Industries51107.9%
Dot Hill Systems777.80%

Big Option Wins

Stock NameDays HeldProfit
Tempur Sealy International19243.4%
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals7131.4%

The Unstoppable Rise of AI:
PLUS, 3 AI Stocks to Watch
by Hilary Kramer

We find ourselves at a particular junction in time: Artificial Intelligence is rewriting the rules for life, online and off. What the emergence of greater and greater AI will spell for us is unknown, but you can be a part of this exciting new change by investing in the most promising AI stocks.

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