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5 Game-Changing
Stocks to Buy NOW

Get in before these no-brainer stocks skyrocket!

Investors are always on the hunt for the next true market leader… the kind of stock that can skyrocket in a matter of weeks or months.

But how do you identify these stocks? Is there a way to pinpoint one thing that they all have in common?

The answer is YES!

Regardless of the industry, the one constant factor in a true market leader is innovation because it is at the core of everything… higher earnings, higher profits and higher stock prices.

That’s why it is critical to keep an eye on up-and-coming technologies and claim your share before Wall Street drives the stock prices higher.

You see, these innovative companies are making a lot of money by disrupting the old way of doing things. That’s why they’re known as game-changers.

And identifying these lucrative game-changing stocks is what gets me excited about the market. 

These companies are working smarter so your money can run faster than inflation or the economy as a whole.

Why I Invest in Disruptors...

Here’s how to spot a disruptor… 

These companies are growing fast in an otherwise stagnant economy. A lot faster than inflation. And when the company is growing faster than inflation, the stock has a pretty good chance of getting you ahead of inflation as well.

Meet Hilary Kramer

Hilary Kramer is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and an MBA alumni from Wharton Business School. She’s currently the Chief Investment Officer for Kramer Capital Fund. She’s also the founder and CEO of Greentech Research, the first green hedge fund ever to be set up in America.

Hilary has appeared as an expert contributor on the Nightly Business Report on PBS, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News Channel, ABC, Bloomberg, and CNBC, among others.

She’s the author of three books, “Ahead of the Curve”, “The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks”, and the recent Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Amazon #1 bestseller – “GameChanger Investing”.

She’s also the winner of the 2021 Gracie Award for her nationally syndicated radio show “Kramer’s Millionaire Maker” on the Salem Radio Network.

Disruptors typically use technological innovation to shape the future and change the way people live their daily lives. Investing in disruptive stocks can be a rewarding strategy for long-term investors who are looking for high returns and exposure to innovation.

There are several reasons why investing in game-changing stocks can be beneficial for your portfolio. Here are some of them:

  • Game-changing stocks can offer higher returns than traditional stocks, as they have the potential to capture a large share of a new or growing market.
  • Game-changing stocks can provide exposure to innovation, as they are often at the forefront of developing new technologies, products, or services that can solve problems or improve lives.
  • Game-changers offer diversification which can help reduce the risk and volatility of your portfolio, as different sectors may perform differently under different market conditions.
  • Game-changing stocks can also offer other benefits, such as passive income from dividends, inflation protection, high liquidity, and social impact.

Game-changers can be more expensive than traditional stocks, as they often trade at high valuations based on their future growth potential rather than their current earnings.

5 GameChangers With Top Potential

Today, I’m going to tell you about five companies that have disruptive business models and practically endless room to expand at the expense of the establishment. 

These companies are still making good progress despite a repressive rate environment and all the recessionary clouds facing the S&P 500.

In my just-completed report, 5 GameChangers to Buy NOW, I will introduce you to FIVE companies that are leading their industries, and share why I believe there’s big money to be made investing in them.

 This report is yours absolutely FREE when you join my GameChangers service!

GameChanger #1: New Media Giant Finally Flexing

The reach of a top-tier social network and the business model of Netflix. What could be easier? What I love about this one is that management has been listening to Wall Street and improving the margins. Fears that the company will run out of cash before achieving profitability are now a relic of the past. The future, on the other hand, looks a lot like global domination, replacing whole industries and taking over their legacy cash flow.

In your FREE report, I’ll share how the company is expanding and why I believe it has what it takes to keep the growth curve bullish.

GameChanger #2: The Tech Company for Advertisers

This technology company empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices. Integrations with major data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform.

Projected earnings for 2023 imply a multiple closer to 60X. My subscribers are already up 50% in this pick, but we’re hanging on for another 30% at least. It’s not too late to add this one to your portfolio.

GameChanger #3: Embodies What GamerChangers Is All About

In a nutshell, this GamerChanger is one of my favorite artificial intelligence plays. It provides AI for government and security organizations as well as corporate customers operating in a wide range of industries.

Here’s why I like this company. Its revenue has doubled since the initial offering and it’s not burning cash any longer. Plus, the company is expanding its sales base by about 50% every 12 months. I like our odds for a blockbuster here!

GameChanger #4: Leader in TV Streaming

This streaming TV pioneer has a simple mission… to connect users to the content they love, enable content publishers to monetize large audiences and provide advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers in an increasingly streaming world.

This GameChanger has a strong edge over anyone in the streaming space. It has grown to the stage where management could effectively cut a few budget items and achieve sustainable profitability. Your timing couldn’t be better on this one… the next leg up is close!

GameChanger #5: The Ultimate Big Data Play

This GameChanger uses big data to help build a safer and more resilient digital world. Organizations trust it to prevent security, infrastructure and application issues from becoming major incidents, absorb shocks from digital disruptions and accelerate digital transformation.

This company is an unsung hero of the artificial intelligence revolution. The company simply started too early to jump the bandwagon and as a result it is often considered a “big data.” But don’t turn your back on this one… I fully expect it to skyrocket while Wall Street is looking the other way.

The details on this stock and the other GameChangers mentioned today are yours absolutely FREE when you join GameChangers today!

Due Diligence Research on Game-Changing Stocks is a MUST

Due diligence research is a non-negotiable when it comes to game-changing stocks because they can be more sensitive to market fluctuations and competitive pressures.

And that’s where I come in. Researching game-changing stocks is what I do, day in and day out. I just love the level of research and analysis required to uncover lucrative stocks.

That’s why I made it my mission here at GameChangers to help regular investors like you identify these lucrative investment opportunities.

If you are looking to own the next true market leader, and are willing to follow my advice, you too will enjoy the great profits that my advisory service has brought to other investors.

I am proud to share that our current GameChangers portfolio has moved up at an annualized rate of about 28%.

Here’s a look at some of our exciting winners:

  • +70.13% in Intercept Pharmaceuticals (ICPT) in 9 months
  • +59.51% in Hubspot (HUBS) in 6 months
  • +57.65% in Omnicell (OMCL) in 12 months
  • +56.37% in Exact Target (ET) in 5 months
  • +50.39% in LinkedIn (LNKD) in just ONE month!
  • +52.21% in Trade Desk (TTD) in 7 months
  • +20.30% in Workday (WDAY) in 9 months
  • +47.18% in Optimizer RX (OPRX) in 4 months
  • ++22.17% in PayPal (PYPL) in 4 months
  • Just to name a few
As investors, we need to keep our eyes focused on these lucrative, innovative game-changing stocks… and that’s exactly what we do in my GameChangers service.
This one-of-a-kind investment advisory focuses on finding companies that are turning industries on their heads… companies that have the potential to be the next market leader.

Companies with better ideas… advanced technologies… and/or innovative breakthroughs that are not only disrupting their industries but are also light-years ahead of their closest competition.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll add one or more of today’s recommendations to your holdings before they skyrocket.  Because, once the word gets out and the herd rushes in and starts buying, you could miss out on their next leg higher.

Remember, my special report, 5 GameChangers to Buy Now Own Now is yours FREE for simply joining my GameChangers service

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But let me be clear, this doesn’t mean we chase speculative Wall Street figments on the premise that they’ll live up to their promises and their shareholders’ dreams.

Our stocks are a little more mature than that. Most will be profitable or on the verge of achieving sustainable cash flow any time their management teams decide they’ve built a big enough sales base for the time being.

Why Wall Street Pays Attention to Hilary

“Hilary Kramer is a market geek! And I mean it in a very good way. Since I’ve known her, she’s on top of the trends and fresh ideas investors need to know!”

–Gerri Willis, anchor and personal finance reporter, Fox News Channel.

“As we enter this new decade, Hilary Kramer shows investors how to spot and profit from the mega-trends for 2020 and beyond. Each chapter illuminates how tomorrow’s future trends need to be understood and applied to investing today.”

–Susie Gharib, Anchor and Senior Special Correspondent, Fortune, and former co-host of CNBC’s Nightly Business Report

“Who wants to be a millionaire? Step one: read Hilary Kramer’s blockbuster on Million Dollar Investing. There is no more reliable and trusted voice for financial common sense in America than Hilary and this book lays out the formula in simple, plain English.”

–Stephen Moore senior economic advisor to Donald Trump, co-author of Trumponomics, and former Wall Street Journal economics writer.

“With an eye for telling clues worthy of a Sherlock Holmes, Hilary Kramer provides a timely guide to fathoming future trends!”

–Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

“Hilary Kramer is legendary for being ahead of the curve amongst investment professionals. Kramer identifies tomorrow’s biggest trends and turns her prescient abilities into big profits for those that follow her wisdom. She is a one-person investment powerhouse.”

–John Dizard, Financial Times columnist.

“Hilary Kramer’s encyclopedic knowledge of individual stocks is exceeded only by her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas with average investors.”

–Randall Forsyth, Editor-in-Chief,

“If you haven’t heard of digital bullion… echo moms… cold chain logistics… aquatic superfoods… MindWars, you will! Kramer’s talent is making these opportunities understandable and actionable for the everyday investor in a way that gives you the same long-term advantages as the professionals.”

–Joe Piscopo, actor, comedian, and Radio Talk Show Host, The Joe Piscopo Morning Show on The Salem Radio Network, AM970 The Answer

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  • A Dedicated Customer Service Team. We have a team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You’ll receive your client care hotline after you join. These are real people who care about your results.

Truthfully, the best part about the GameChangers service is that your portfolio continues to generate returns year after year.

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