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Fellow Investor,

Hilary Kramer

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m all about putting wealth-building solutions in the hands of individual investors.

And that’s exactly what I’d like to do today.

I want to tell you about my incredible 2-Day Trader system that has outperformed the market by 2-to-1 in  the last eight weeks.

If your portfolio has averaged a +16.84% return doing what you’re doing, then by all means keep it up. But if you’re interested in seeing how you can take the S&P 500’s 8% return and turn it into +16.84%, you’ll want to keep reading.

The best part is, we accomplished a +16.84% return investing in just 10 trades that we held for a mere 2 days! Mind you, this return includes BOTH our winning and losing trades… and we’re just getting started.

Consistency is how we make money in 2-Day Trader holding trades for two days or less and repeating that cycle over and over again.

That’s because anytime my proprietary system signals a “buy,” you’ll receive an alert via email or text message wherever you are. Then you simply log into your trading account to execute on the trade. When your trade has finished collecting all the gains, you’ll receive another alert to sell and lock in your profit.

Below is an example of a trade from 3/5/2024. I issued the “buy” alert at 3:33pm ET and we locked in our +22.35% profit at the open the very next morning!

2-Day Trader Example

My 2-Day Trader system does all the hard work for you…

  • It identifies investments with strong fundamentals that naturally rise in value
  • It signals when a profitable trend is forming and when it’s about to stop
  • It provides you with the exact entry and exit price points

What’s more, I don’t use any overly complicated options trading strategies. The focus is on simple puts and calls that can significantly boost our profits in both up and down markets.

Here is a quick look at our top 25 trades last year:

2-Day Performance

Our top 5 trades so far this year…

  • +47.33% in TLT Calls
  • +35.98% in QQQ Puts
  • +31.37% in XLV Puts
  • +25.00% in TLT Calls (again)
  • +22.35% in XLV Calls
  • And we’re just getting started!

My goal in 2-Day Trader is boosting our portfolios by locking in 10%, 15%, 25%+ on trades consistently in a matter of two days or less… I don’t believe in taking wild swings trying to hit triple-digit returns.

Read what our readers have to day about 2-Day Trader

Paul S. from Cambridge, Massachusetts said:

“I looked into the EV sector and made trades with 40-100% profit. I purchased Neo at $4.50 and sold over $45, LI at $20 and sold at $30, and FSR at $11 and sold at $20.37, just to name a few.”

Julie W. from California wrote:

“I spent $25,000 on the trade and made about $30,000 and with that money I was able to afford a very nice trip to Japan.”

Also, Patricia R. from Key West shared:

“As a teacher I use my money to help out my students on a regular basis. Sometimes the kids need some clothes or need lunch or supplies for their classes. So, $25,000 gave me a $30,000 present for my kids.”

Taylor B. from San Diego exclaimed:

“I subscribed to Hilary’s stock picks at the beginning of the pandemic when I wanted to get more into trading. Hilary’s picks always pointed me in the right direction, and I made anywhere from 10-30% off of her recommendations!”

You too can have their success. With the 2-Day Trader options system, all you have to do is keep your phone handy. As soon as I spot a profitable opportunity, you’ll get an alert letting you know what to buy and how much to pay for it. It’s just that simple!


Here's Everything You Get When You Join 2-Day Trader

  • 24/7 Access to the 2-Day Trader Website: You will receive a login and password to our encrypted member’s-only Two-Day Trader Alert website. This website will contain every single trade alert, videos, and guide that my team and I have put together for you. Since everything is in one place, one tap away.

  • A Dedicated Customer Service Team: We have a team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You’ll receive your client care hotline after you join. These are real people who care about your results.

  • Proprietary 2-Day Trader Alerts: Find out when to buy and when to sell. These alerts will be sent to you via email or text message, so you never have to worry about missing a profitable alert.

  • 2-Day Trader Portfolio: This is a quick summary of all our open trades at any given time, along with a historical account of our trades of the past year. You’ll be able to see buy prices, sell prices, total returns and more.

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The standard introductory price to join 2-Day Trader is $1,495 which is discounted from the regular $3,995 rate.

This is a reasonable investment to pay to get a piece of the action — and a piece of the pie — from the market.

Because I know how 2-Day Trader will change the way you invest… help you take money out of the market quickly… give you the advantages that only a hedge fund could possess… and ensure you secure the retirement life that you deserve…

I’ve decided to let you try 2-Day Trader for a year for only $995. I’m even making it possible for existing members to add a year of 2-Day Trader at this incredibly discounted price.

But you must act fast if you want to get on the roster for my next trade.


Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer, Founder
Greentech Research

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